7 Poses to help body mind and sleep during the lockdown

Is your brain craving to learn again after being quarantined?

With the lockdown come plenty of other new problems, making it even more critical to maintain one’s physical and mental health. During a lockdown, the body becomes unsteady, the mind becomes really restless and disturbed, and sleep becomes irregular. Yoga is a great tool to help you deal with this and make your lockdown easy and relaxed.

Tough times demand a variety of measures, perhaps one of the most significant right now is to strengthen your immunity.  The following poses designed by Susheel Jain, who is an International Yoga teacher will help you a lot:

  1.  Surya Namaskar : The surya Namaskar, also known as Sun salutation, are a fantastic way to warm up your body and start your day. They assist your body in stretching and increasing blood flow to all of your vital organs, such as your heart, lungs, and brain. It enhances your immunity by increasing your oxygen intake. So, start with 6 sets of sun salutations and see the difference.
  2. Gomukhasana:  Gomukhasana the cow face pose is  an excellent approach to fix your slouching shoulders caused by sitting for long durations. It helps to make the shoulders open and keeps you away from any kind of pain in the shoulders due to long sitting hours. So get on to your mat or you can do it sitting on your chair, hold it for 10 breaths and experience the magic. This asana is simple to perform and that people of all ages and genders can benefit from it in their daily lives.
  3.  Seated Twists: A yoga pose that involves stretching and relaxing the spine. Twists are helpful for keeping your spine healthy and pain-free, and they also help you remove toxins from your body, which improves your digestive system and overall immunity.
  4.  Balasan: The child pose, or Balasan, is a great way to relax the monkey mind, which is constantly active. It is an excellent pose for relaxing the body and  also helps in normalizing circulation throughout the body.
  5.  Bhujangasan: Bhujangasan, also known as the cobra pose, is a backbend, and backbends are a tremendous way to energise the body and mind, particularly during these depressing times. They will improve your mood while also making your spine stronger and healthier.
  6.  Viparita Karani / Legs to the Wall Pose: This is one of the best pose to do at the end of the day or if you’re feeling tired. This is an excellent pose for those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Hold this pose for 5-10 minutes before going to bed and sleep peacefully.
  7.  Bhramari Pranayama: 10 rounds of Bhramari Pranayama in the morning and evening will relax your mind and keep stress far away. This is also the best way to achieve mental concentration. It clears the blockage and offers the mind and brain a feeling of happiness.

. These 7 yoga practises should be included into your daily life to build a healthy body and mind in order to sleep peacefully. To incorporate more yoga practises and build your immunity, download the Transform fitness app on Android or iOS and register in the Hello Namaste Beginner Yoga Program, which is suitable for anyone who has never done yoga before.

**When things Change inside you, things start changing around you**

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