Five functional benefits of kettle bells

If you go to a gym, you may have noticed a set of kettle bells in a corner amidst other pieces of equipment such as medicine balls and battle ropes, and you may have also seen someone swinging up and down using a kettle bell and questioned why they were doing anything like that. What is the advantage of swinging a weight like a kettle bell?

However, some people, like you, may be unclear whether or not kettle bells should be included in their training routine while doing home workouts.

The cast iron kettle bells weigh from 5 lbs to more than 100 lbs, designed like a ball with a handle that could be easily gripped. Kettle bells have unquestionably become a standard piece of exercise equipment. From Cross Fitters to professional athletes to traditional weightlifters, all of them use it.

Check out the top five benefits of kettle bells below:

  1. Instantly burns the calories: Kettle bells are a great way to lose weight quickly. On an average, it can burn roughly 20 calories per minute during a regular kettle bell workout, which means you may burn 400 calories in a 20-minute session.
  2. Body conditioning tool: The four key fitness qualities of Kettle bells can be used in the training for gaining strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. This is certainly one of Kettle bells’ most significant benefits. The power to achieve whole fitness with a single tool is a welcome relief in pace with in fast-paced and complex world today. In fact, we would claim Kettle bells are one of the most efficient, result-oriented, and safe and full-body training tools available.
  3. Weakness as well as Muscle imbalances can be improved: Kettle bells can assist you in identifying areas of deficiency in your strength, movement, and coordination. To be more resilient to injuries, it is essential to work on your weaknesses and inequalities. All have muscle imbalances but not all of them take the efforts to address them. Most people just compensate by changing their shape, using muscles which should not be involved or using momentum rather than strength. Compensation is not something you want to do when it comes to fitness; you need to address them in a right way.
  4.  Enables a better endurance and smooth transition: When swinging a Kettle bell, each part of your body is involved in every rep, either produces force by swinging up or lowers force by swinging back between the legs constantly and they strengthens your cardiovascular and muscular systems continuously. This makes Kettle bells a superb conditioning tool which works on both the inner and outside body. The unique form of the Kettle bell enables a better endurance and a smooth transition in core workouts such as swings, press, snatch, squats and cleans.  
  5. It’s a great mental and a physical workout: Many kettle bell workouts, to your surprise, also work your brain. The rapid transfer of weight between hands and the transfer of weight between various sides of the body demands concentration and coordination. This adds to the mental stimulation of a kettle bell workout.

If you agree with us that kettle bells are an excellent way to exercise both the body and the mind, then check out some of the kettlebell exercises performed by our certified trainer Raj Ganapath by downloading Transform fitness app.

Apart from these benefits, purchasing your own kettlebell is a wise investment because these handy weights are significantly easier to store at home than barbell or dumbbell weights. Kettlebells are also less expensive and more portable than machines.

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