Foods that you must have in your diet to avoid heat stroke

Summers have become intolerably hot and humid, forcing us to alter our eating habits and diet patterns to avoid the heat. Some of the foods we eat as part of our daily routines do not match in with the present climate. The human body easily becomes tired and drained during the summer. As a consequence, such foods can cause problems upon the digestive system. To combat the unbearable heat, we have to eat lighter, cooler, and more refreshing foods and should also include salty, sweet, and sour foods in our diet during the hot summer months.

Spicy foods, on the other hand, should be avoided, as should the use of chillies in dishes. If you want to stay healthy during this hot summer, you should avoid fast food like burgers and sandwiches.

It is best to avoid overeating during the summer season. When your stomach is too full, particularly at noon, your body produces more heat, upsetting the digestive process and causing insomnia. Avoid foods with a lot of masalas during the season.

Drinking fluids as well as consuming the right foods can also help you  regulate your body temperature in the summer.

Here are some foods which you have to include in your diet to beat the scorching sun.

  1. Cucumber: The vegetable is packed with water and can be consumed as a snack every day and is perfect in salads and raithas. Set two sliced cucumber circles over your eyes to refresh them on a hot day.
  2. Watermelon: It is the summer fruit that provides internal refreshment. It has water has around 95%, which is perfect to hydrate and makes the best food for weight loss in summer!
  3. Apricot: They can offer iron, vitamin C, potassium and fibre to people who develop acne in summer. It can be a perfect snack before or after workout.
  4. Jaljeera: Though Jeera is a spice, it has those qualities that are worthy to praise. It has numerous health benefits, especially for women, as well as weight loss potential. Jaljeera is essentially a mixture of water and cumin (Jeera), and it can be tangy or spicy depending on the spices added (black pepper and fennel). This renowned beverage is known for its cooling properties as well as its ability to serve as an appetiser.
  5. Curd: It is a form of dairy product. Curd is the ideal coolant for your stomach during summer, whether you have it as buttermilk, lassi, raita, or straight from a bowl. If you’re having digestive issues, particularly during the summer (when the heat gets to you), after lunch, try a bowl of curd. Fruits can also be added to make some delicious desserts.
  6. Gooseberry (Amla): A perfect refresher that helps to combat the effects of intense sun rays while also providing excess energy for workouts. It is especially beneficial to the heart and hair.
  7. Corn: Corn in either form, whether roasted or cooked, is a healthy snack since it reduces cholesterol levels. It is a good source of pantothenic acid, which provides vitamin B to lower stress levels.
  8. Green leafy vegetables: These are the perfect way to supplement your diet with necessary vitamins and minerals while also supporting in the development of a strong immune system. During summer, vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and others are the healthiest.
  9.  yoghurt: Both curd as well as yogurt are the perfect and nutritious alternative to ice cream because they are high in nutrients, vitamins, and calcium, both of which help to relieve ulcers, allergies, and heat boils during the season.
  10. Banana: If you’re on the go and need something to fuel your energy and cool you down, bananas is a great option. Bananas are an astringent food, meaning they cause your tissue to shrink, allowing more water to be absorbed and thereby cooling your body.
  11. Citrus fruits: These are incredibly cool due to their ability to aid digestion and break down fatty foods. By aiding digestion, these fruits reduce the amount of work your body has to do and, as a result, the amount of heat produced is less. Citrus fruits include lemon, oranges and grapes etc.
  12. Coconut: This multi-purpose fruit contains coconut water, oil, and fruit all in one. When you eat coconut, you are getting the benefits not only from the coconut water, but also from the coconut fruit itself. They’re naturally high in electrolytes, which help you stay cool and hydrated.
  13. Mint: The terms mint and cool are almost similar. Mint is a refreshing herb that can be used in a variety of ways, including cooking, smoothies, water, and simply chewing. You can use peppermint oil to give you that chilly feeling and to lessen tension, in addition to eating mint.
  14. Melon: Melon is almost entirely made up of water, making it the ideal cool-down snack. They’re low in calories and double as a diuretic, which means they help the body rid itself of toxins.
  15. Avocados: They have the highest concentration of mono saturated fatty acids, which aid in the removal of heat and toxins from the blood. Avocados are also quickly digested, which means your body won’t have to work as hard or generate as much heat to digest them. So take advantage of those perfectly ripe summer avocados and try one of these recipes to cool down.
  16. Mushrooms: These, have high vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. It’s a perfect addition to the menu because of its nutritional benefits.
  17. Lemon: Lemons are also ideal for the summer sun. They’re high in vitamin C, and when combined with water and homemade spices, they make the perfect summer refresher. It’s also delicious as part of a side salad.
  18. Onions: This summer, consume a large amount of onions. They’re particularly effective at avoiding sunstrokes. To help you stay calm, mix them into dips, raitas, curries, salads, and chutneys.
  19. Mangoes: If you don’t believe in calorie counting, mangoes are the ideal summer treat. Mangoes have high iron content and it will help you to increase the calcium content in their bodies. It is a cooling summer fruit that can help avoid heat strokes. It is also rich in vitamins A and C, which aid in the development of the immune system.
  20.  Salads: This aids in the protection of the skin from harmful UV rays. It also aids in the healing of dry skin by fortifying the skin’s defences against the sun. Salads are great because they can be combined with almost anything, from fruits to fish, and still taste delicious.

Summer may be a time of quenching thirst and dehydration of the skin and body. To keep up with that, a special diet is required, particularly during the summer. You should drink plenty of water, but you should also eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and balanced. So, eat a healthy diet and avoid fried foods to keep your body temperature under control.

Eat well and enjoy a stress-free and happy summer.


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