A Celebrity Trainer’s Guide to 5 At-Home Workouts

New York-based celebrity trainer Joshua J Holland is the founder of SystimFit, a company that specialises in online fitness training. A fitness expert, Holland applies his knowledge of science, nutrition, and sports to customise training programmes for his clients. Here, he lists the latest trends for those looking to work out at home without going to the gym.

01Going online
One of the things I’ve noticed as a current trend is that people are relying on online resources a lot more. These people are going online and using technology to either work with their trainers or to find different classes that they want to take on to keep healthy and fit.

02 Steel mace

I’ve recently picked up practising the steel mace, which is a very ancient tool. The mace, or gada in Hindi, finds its roots in the northern regions of ancient India. Warriors were known to train with heavy maces that were made from a variety of materials, from bamboo to stone, to increase their strength. Steel mace workouts are known to improve stability, balance, coordination, and muscle endurance. It resembles a long pole with a heavy ball at the top end. One can work out by swinging it in a variety of motions. Because of the difference of leverage points with this tool, a huge swing and momentum is created which your body has to learn to navigate.

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